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William, it was really nothing

it's just a bag

I will admit it is a dumb rule, but it's a rule nonetheless and I don't feel like getting bitched out by my RM so I follow it. And I am really sorry, dear customer if you do not want your coffee to come in a small bag when you order it at the drive-thru, but it's how it is done.

M- Me :)
O- Old Guy
S- Co-worker (who stayed calm, cool and collected thru the whole exchange)

I already rang him up and he was at the window paying. I go to hand him his coffee...

M- Here you go sir, have a ni-
O- (refusing to take the bag with the coffee in it) Take it out of the bag please?
M- I'm sorry, I can't.
O- Yes, you can. I do not want the bag in my car.
M- (points to the sign) It says here that all single hot drink orders must be placed in a small bag. It's the rule sir.
O- I am not taking it until you take it out of the bag!
M- And I am explaining to you that it *has* to come this way.
O- I do not want the bag in my car. It makes a mess. Just give me the coffee.
M- Sir, if you do not want the bag in your car, then take the coffee out and give me the bag back, I will be more than glad to throw it out for you.
O- Just give me the fucking coffee!!!
M- Look, this is my job. I think the rule is stupid, but I have to follow it. I will get into trouble over it, and since it's that dumb, I'd rather not-
O- Look, the customer is always right so give me my coffee without the bag!
M- The customer is always right except in this case when you are asking me to break rule-
O- I don't care if you get into trouble or get fired, I just want my coffee!
S- (walks over) What's going on over here?
O- This guy will not give me my coffee!
S- Okay (she grabs the bag from me and hands it to the guy) Here is your coffee
O- I don't want that fucking bag! I've been coming here for years they always give it to me without a bag!
S- Sir, it is just a bag! It's not the end of the world! There is no ue for that language!
O- I want my money back!
S- Certainly! (she goes thru the drawer and refunds his .53 cent Senior Coffee) Here you are- have a lovely day!
O- I am never coming back here. You just lost a customer! I'm going to the competiton across the street- they do not have idiots and niggars working there!
S- Okay, now if you ever do come back here- I am calling the fucking cops on you- you are not allowed to come back, have a nice day!
(She goes to slam the window but he puts his hand in the way and stops her)
O- I just told you I will not be coming back- and I am calling your office and having you fired for using that tone with me- I can treat you however I want and you *have* to be nice to me, I am the customer.
S- Sir, I just told you we do not want your business. We will not suffer from you not getting a senior coffee. Now, please leave, and have a nice day.

And he left and has not come back since (this was about a month ago), and we havent gotten any word on him calling the office.
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