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I have worked at a BK in Wilmington,NC (805 s college rd location) since Sept. last year. Even if half or all of this guys story is false,I can personally testify that a lot WORSE has gone on in my store. One asst manager was let go for hitting on underage girls. He even wrote a nasty letter to one girl ( which we all got to read)which was what got him fired. One of the morning crew doesn't have any teeth(rotted).There is rampant stealing and illegal activity not to mention the often unsanitary conditions. I have worked with 3 people that are now currently in jail. Not to mention the ones on probation or parole( one guy was involved in a drug related homicide),who usually get high or come in high. The pervert asst manager also got pepper sprayed while in the store by an ex-underage girlfriend. these are just some of the highlights( ALL TRUE) that I have witnessed firsthand during my time with the king.

Come by and see me if you dont believe me. Ask for wesley
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