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Damian Says, Give No Quarter for Hatred

Please pull around to the next building.

Job recap: Burger King Specialty Master

Got to work on Wednesday in less-than-perfect spirits. That's normal for me - I tire of work. Not twenty minutes into my shift, an old woman pulls up to our drive-through speaker and...

"Do you have buffalo wing salads?"

Now, where people get some of their ideas as to what we have is beyond me. I know some of the things they ask for are things we used to have, some are things other stores have, and some are just... inexplicable. (At least it helps to cheer me up.) But no, we don't. So, wasting no time in confounding us further, she asks...

"How much are your potato bowls?"

...Ibuhguhwhuuuuuhh? Oh, I get it - she thinks we're KFC because, you know, KFC is NEXT DOOR. In plain sight.

That's what sucks about our location - we're situated between a KFC and a McD's. Whether we get these confused people because they're just flustered, or if they're honestly too simple to notice the difference, I'm not sure. All I know is that we don't have anything made out of potatoes except the fries, and I'm not even too sure about those.

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