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It's Been One of Those Nights....

C: Customer
M: Me (night shift manager/most awesomest being on the planet)

To begin with, I had a guy ask for a 2 Double Stackers, a 4-piece Chicken Tender, and a Mocha Joe. I told him the price, which what somewhere around $10. He immediately says:

C: No, NO! I want just the sandwich, not the meal!
M: *annoyed silence* (There was no meal entered) So, you want 2 Double Stackers, a 4 piece, and a Mocha Joe?
C: Yeah.
M: That'll be, $10.
C: I don't want 2 Double Stackers!
M: Do you mean that you want the Buck Double?
C: No, I want the DOUBLE STACKER! (Dumb ass friend chimes in, making it almost impossible to hear.)
M: Can only one of you speak?
C: Can I just come up to the window?
M: Please.
[guy pulls up to the window, and is, to my surprise, completely sober (being the night shift, I get a lot of drunk and or high people)]
[I read him back his order, and he STILL says he wants Double Stackers, but I give him Buck Doubles instead]

He didn't come back, complaining of a wrong order, so I'm assuming he was really just a dumb ass.

I had a lady pull up at 5:06 am (After I'd switched all the menus to the Breakfast side) and try to order a Double Whopper. I told her that we are not serving the item at the moment. Then, she asked me if we were serving breakfast with a stank ass attitude. I didn't speak for, like, 30 seconds. Was she serious? Could she not just look at the menu and see that there are only breakfast items available, and the items she requested aren't even on it?

The next time someone pulls up to the DT windows and parks 3 feet away, and has the audacity to not even try to meet me halfway to grab their food, is getting their shit thrown at them.

The next time someone, as I'm handing them their food, lifts a finger to make me wait so they can take food requests from someone on the other end, I'm telling them that, NO. YOU *CAN'T* HAVE ANOTHER/EXTRA ORDER OF ANYTHING! TAKE YOUR CRAP AND GO.

Also, my cook fell asleep in the bathroom. I had to make an order myself. It was my first time making a burger. I hope that lady didn't get a fucked up kids meal.
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There is no use for a subject.  I just got the internet back.  I'm an asst. manager now...and I thought my job had eaten my life before, how sadly wrong I was.

I used to work at a mall location, and once I was done with my management training, got moved to one of our busiest full service stores.  Apparently they thought I was that good.  It was hard to get used to, but I did.

Anyway, our GM decided he was going to hire some YOUNG kids...you know, the 14 and 15 year olds who really can't do much of anything due to the department of labor (one of them is his son, so he can basically run broiler, specials, anything except for CUTTING A SANDWICH IN HALF).  He promised he would never schedule them together.  BZZT! Wrong.  And I'm the one who gets to deal with 2 minor minors, 1 regular minor, and 1 person who knows drive thru on the day before Easter, with kids meals being 99 cents with a value meal purchase.  MORON.

It was a bad day, to say the least.

I'm sure I'll be back with more later.

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I said "Veggie whooper" instead of "BK Veggie burger" and I was served a whooper bun with whooper dressing.  No where on the menu was "Veggie Whooper" listed, nor could I find "Veggie Whooper" by doing a search at Burgerking.com.  I've been ordering BK veggie burgers by calling them "Veggie Whoopers" and have never had this happen.  I don't know why they didn't infer "veggie whooper" to mean "veggie burger", like everywhere else.

To An Asswad

You came to our BK drive-thru, yelled "WHOPPER!" and drove off. How very funny and original you are. You are a pioneer of comedy, for you see, nobody has ever done that to us before, ever. Your originality is a beacon of hope in an otherwise ruined world.